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Poems by Jennie SparkWeaver

Cover art for Her Words These poems are a sampling of the works Jennie SparkWeaver has included in her poetry book, Her Words.

Jennie's poem “Redemption!” was included in the 2011 anthology Red Silk, published by Womanspace, Rockford.

These are copy written poems, and the property of Jennie SparkWeaver, with All Rights Reserved. Please contact Ms. SparkWeaver for permission before reproducing or transmitting any part of these poems in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including printing, photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system.


She is the Spark Weaver
A Wise Womon re-born
weaving new life
where once thread bare & worn

now She sits patiently singing
as She Weaves these Sparks of re-Birth
for this tapestry of strong Womyn
once covered Her Earth

deep in your memory 
you hear Her whispering among trees
singing to glowing embers
on the night’s breeze

She's watching & waiting
so wherever you may roam
Her voice can Welcome & Weave
you all the way home

© 2006 Jennie SparkWeaver
revised © 2011 Jennie SparkWeaver
(after leaving the batterer)

I will repress nothing!

I am redefining my perimeter
relinquishing my past
reawakening my feelings
re-experiencing my anger
recalling my Voice

I am reasserting my abilities
reestablishing my Strength
responding to my needs
rearranging my destiny
reaffirming my choices

I am re-placing my boundaries
re-zoning my horizons
reentering my existence
realizing my reality
re-centering my energy

I am re-birthing my Creativity
re-determining my Power
releasing my Spirit
recollecting my Wisdom
redesigning my Spirituality

I am reforming my inner peace
replenishing my desire
respecting my emotions
rejoicing in my beauty
revealing my Love

I am reclaiming my Self!

© 2011 Jennie SparkWeaver
GrandMother’s Voice

for many years
You lay dormant
hidden deep within us
calling out our names

more by our deafness
than You ever were
by their flames

© 2006 Jennie SparkWeaver
Preconceived Notions

at first glance
I would never have guessed
that your touch could be so gentle
and yet like so many nights before
we lay in each other’s arms

your tender kiss
fell unexpectedly to my lips
and my eyes opened
to a passion I had not known before

playfully you invited me to love you
your excitement danced on my tongue
and into my heart

now by mornings light
still wet with dew
the memory of your sweet softness
lingers on my every breath

© 2006 Jennie SparkWeaver

come sing
come dance
come cleansing rains

come flowing down
dissolve these chains

too long have our tongues been tied
not a moment longer will we timidly hide

You’ll see us prancing sky clad in a field
the Labrys’ power we shall once again wield

bathed in Moonlight here we stand
fulfilling our rites throughout the land

© 2006 Jennie SparkWeaver

I just say words together... 
And listen... 
for the silent cry 
of images being born

© 2006 Jennie SparkWeaver

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